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Referee Center for Midfest Soccer Classic

Thank you for planning to referee the Midfest Soccer Classic.

If you don’t get an email as soon as you register, you input an incorrect email address. Send an email, as indicated herein, and we will correct.

In the profile it is fine to let us know about your experience; for example, this year I worked the A, B and C tournaments (with whatever detail you’d like). But what is essential is along the line of the following.

I am comfortable C boys thru 13 and girls thru 14; I can AR any age.


I am an AR only and only thru age 12.

Keep a record of the availability you provide us. If your availability changes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE inform us by using the contact form provided on every email we send thru the web site. Do not use our personal email addresses, because that causes a duplication of effort.

If you cannot start before a certain time, tell us. If you must end by a certain time, tell us.

Please give us your cell phone number.

If you wish to work with a specific crew, make sure they register and list the same crew. They will not be assigned unless they register on a timely basis. If they do not list you, then you are merely telling us with whom you’d like to work.

SPECIAL NOTE: For a previous tournament we received some reports of e-mail not being delivered when a referee confirms his schedule. In the complex world of the approximately 150 billion e-mails sent in the U.S. every day, there is a problem in which a few e-mail providers, in their ever-widening quest to cut down on spam and junk e-mail, have taken it upon themselves to determine what is spam and what is legitimate e-mail. Unfortunately, web sites, such as tournaments, are having to deal with it. IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE TOURNAMENT!

If you receive notification of a problem sending your e-mail confirmation to the tournament web site, do not have concern. Our experience is confirmation HAS GOTTEN TO THE WEB SITE OK! The process of this information getting to the web site is different than the e-mail itself. If you receive such e-mail failure notification, PLEASE contact the referee assignor immediately and we will acknowledge that you have indeed CONFIRMED YOUR SCHEDULE.

We look forward to you working this activity.

John Kingham and Steve Frechtling
Midfest Soccer Classic Referee Assignors
Referee Schedule is off-line or not yet available. When it is available, you will be able to log in here.



Midfest Soccer Classic
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