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Champions and Finalists

Champions and Finalists for the 2023 Midfest Nike Soccer Classic

Div Champion Finalist
BU09Delaware Knights 2015 U09BAMU B16
BU10CULM 15B Aston VillaAMU B14
B11BLUECU North 13B AstraDelaware Knights 2013 U11B
BU11REDCU North 13B Puma OneMPFC 2013 Boys
BU12Metro FC B12 RapidsShawnee Select SC B2012 Black
BU13Kolping B2011 WhiteAMU Riders AC
BU1415Northern Alliance B10Delaware Knights 2011/2010 U13/14B
GU09BLUEDelaware Knights 2015 U09GOhio Elite Soccer Academy 2015G Academy
GU9REDImpact GFC G15 BlueBSA Celtic G15 Red
GU10REDImpact GFC G14 BlueEclipse East FC Hurricanes
GU10BLUEGCC G2014 LightningOhio Elite Soccer Academy 2014G Academy
GU11REDGreene County Cosmos G13 AmbushImpact GFC G13 White
GU11BLUEBSA Celtic G13 GreenDelaware Knights 2013 U11G
GU12REDISC StormDelaware Knights 2012 U12G
GU13Delaware Knights GU13Eclipse FC Razzmatazz
GU14TempesT ChaosCU North 10G Elite 2
GU15Eclipse FC Rogue SquadronImpact GFC G09/G10 Fall Team



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